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Is it better to do yoga in the morning or evening?

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5 Top-rated Bike Rides

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Walk the Tankwa Camino

Discover South Africa's Karoo


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Adventure Cruising

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Discover the 2 Faces of Cape Town

Discover the 2 Faces of Cape Town

South Africa’s famed Mother City blends European sophistication with trendy hipster haunts, posh mansions, an interesting array of museums and theatres, and world-class restaurants. With Table Mountain, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, right in the middle of it, and the wild Atlantic Ocean surrounding it, the “Cape of Storms” is also a […]


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For a break from the heat, head into #SriLanka's highlands at #NuwaraEliya, which is famed for its #tea plantations… https://t.co/VUi3CWcHpU

Cape Town is home to unrivaled beauty,rich culture & severe inequality. We take a look at the Mother City's 2 faces… https://t.co/fOOVTgUGKP

What advice do you give some1 moving to #Africa? Me: befriend the locals they'll SHOW you your new home… https://t.co/uvrAVrUHrb

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Cape Town is one of the world's most beautiful cities, but it also suffers from severe inequality. We take a look at the 2 sides of the Mother City: http://www.women4adventure.com/discover-the-2-faces-of-cape-town/ Bike and Saddle Visit South Africa CAPESTORM

Seems like we get more adventurous with age! Digital Nomad, Jennifer Fein, turns 40 this year & has decided to take on Mount Kilimanjaro as a gift to herself. She tells W4A about her upcoming trip & welcomes anyone to join in! Happy Friday inspiration: http://www.women4adventure.com/climbing-mount-kilimanjaro-at-40/ YouLi - Destination Event Travel Planning Afrikabisa Adventures & Safaris

Wishing our friends at Kingfishersailing.com a wonderful yoga & sailing retreat next week in #Mallorca. Read all about it here & follow Kingfisher for other inspiring retreats: http://www.women4adventure.com/yoga-retreat-on-a-sail-boat/

Megan Carla Schumann and Gerard Noel, friends of W4A, recently traveled through 4 South American countries over 4 months and here's the proof. This is the ultimate inspiration you need to book that flight.

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Thank you Stop Dream Travel for featuring W4A's Big 5 Hikes in Europe.

Did you know you can boost your immunity by rubbing oregano essential oil to the bottoms of your feet? Wellness specialist, Jenni Hulburt, shares how essential oils and aromatherapy can improve your running performance: http://www.women4adventure.com/how-aromatherapy-can-boost-your-running-performance/

When wolves were introduced to Yellowstone National Park everything else flourished. What a beautiful video. #healthyecology #natureisamazing #lovetheoutdoors

5-month Pacific Crest Trail in 3 minutes - this one's for the bucket list!

Everything you need to know about hiking the 7 Sisters Cliff Path in Sussex: http://www.women4adventure.com/why-the-7-sisters-cliff-hike-is-the-perfect-day-trip-from-london/