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Is it better to do yoga in the morning or evening?

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A Day in the Life of a Power Paraglider

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Hiking on a Greek Island

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Exploring East London by Kayak

Exploring East London by Kayak

First published in The South African. Photo credits: Genia Nowicki. Talk to any old time East Londoner and you’ll soon find out that twenty years ago East London was a far cry from what it is today. From the Thames to Walthamstow, this part of London will see you hobnobbing among coffee-drinking entrepreneurs, skaters and […]


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The intriguing origins of #glamping uncovered in our #history guide: https://t.co/j74WapAujs https://t.co/I84u4f9hwG

Hi @simonjpaine . That would be amazing. Got lots of leads and connections for you in SA, so let me know when you make it happen. 😊

What to do in @ILoveSwaziland if you only have a 'budget' of 100 hours, plus other ideas for when you return:… https://t.co/nCEWdK1Php

How #canoe & #kayak trips are good for your #health - #summer #vacation #fitness #wilderness #sports #boats… https://t.co/6BRiKuipc3

Summer is the perfect time to explore hip East London by kayak. Details here: https://t.co/qlbPzsb7BQ… https://t.co/AYceVAdWyQ

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W4A recently joined Secret Adventures for a kayaking adventure on East London’s canals. This is the perfect way to experience this hip and gritty part of town. Read our latest article for details & inspiration: http://www.women4adventure.com/exploring-east-london-by-kayak/ Genia Nowicki Crate Brewery

Trail running expert, Meg Levinson, shares her passion for trail running in this inspiring video. #CapeTown

The wonderful Zoelle Horowitz (yogi & medical doctor) shares her insights into how yoga can help you sleep better: http://www.women4adventure.com/how-yoga-can-help-you-sleep/

From kayaking alongside killer whales in northwest America to hiking in Slovenia, here are our top 4 summer holidays in the northern hemisphere: http://www.women4adventure.com/top-4-summer-holidays-in-the-northern-hemisphere/

Cape Town is one of the world's most beautiful cities, but it also suffers from severe inequality. We take a look at the 2 sides of the Mother City: http://www.women4adventure.com/discover-the-2-faces-of-cape-town/ Bike and Saddle Visit South Africa CAPESTORM

Seems like we get more adventurous with age! Digital Nomad, Jennifer Fein, turns 40 this year & has decided to take on Mount Kilimanjaro as a gift to herself. She tells W4A about her upcoming trip & welcomes anyone to join in! Happy Friday inspiration: http://www.women4adventure.com/climbing-mount-kilimanjaro-at-40/ YouLi - Destination Event Travel Planning Afrikabisa Adventures & Safaris

Wishing our friends at Kingfishersailing.com a wonderful yoga & sailing retreat next week in #Mallorca. Read all about it here & follow Kingfisher for other inspiring retreats: http://www.women4adventure.com/yoga-retreat-on-a-sail-boat/

Megan Carla Schumann and Gerard Noel, friends of W4A, recently traveled through 4 South American countries over 4 months and here's the proof. This is the ultimate inspiration you need to book that flight.

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Thank you Stop Dream Travel for featuring W4A's Big 5 Hikes in Europe.